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& become a safer more competent pilot

A simulator does not have to be exactly like the airplane you fly to make you a more proficient and safer pilot. The skills you learn and reinforce in the simulator easily transfer to the aircraft and avionics configuration that you fly.

We selected Redbird as our flight simulator because of the simplicity and cost of adding specific makes and models of aircraft to our simulation library. This flexibility allows us to keep your investment in simulator training as value packed as possible.

The base aircraft for our Redbird SD is the Cessna 182 which we chose because it represents a solid middle ground of the majority of aircraft being flown in the General Aviation fleet.

We also offer a Beechcraft A36 Bonanza for the individual that flies a high performance, low wing single engine aircraft with retractable landing gear.


"I can say first hand that the simulator adds an invaluable level of skill and precision to your flying abilities. I saw it play out first hand as I transfered skills from the sim to a real 182, it was very apparent how the simulator gives you the ability to pay attention to detail and improve your performance. In addition I was able to practice in situations that would be dangerous or not practical to replicate in real life (ie: emergency procedures, and bad weather etc). No matter what aircraft you fly I believe this is a very effective learning tool".

Chris Gilbert




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Max Horowitz joined his Uncle Steve for his first flight in a Columbia 400 and shortly after take-off looked over and said “my controls Uncle Steve” and began flying the airplane with a touch and finesse that was both surprising and impressive. He had developed these skills flying an airplane simulation on an iPad which when attempted by his uncle ended badly.

We all know that it takes more than an iPad to learn to fly and to maintain our skills but even this is a testament to the power of simulation.

There is no doubt that using a simulator as part of your training as a student pilot, adding instrument privileges to your certificate, refining instrument approaches and practicing emergency procedures will make you a more proficient and safer pilot. It will also allow you to train more often and save money in the process. This is definitely a winning combination for all pilots.

The experience that we have gained training students in Advanced Aviation Training Devices like the Redbird Flight Simulator™ has proven time and again that the flight simulator is the best place to teach and explore skills and procedures required in the airplane. Once learned in the simulator we have seen them successfully demonstrated and reinforced in the “real world”. We have also partnered with PilotEdge to network our simulator with hundreds of other pilots around the world and receive real, human ATC services. Practice see-and-avoid, work on clearances and other ATC interaction "pain points", and hone all aspects of your piloting in our simulator at a fraction of the cost of a real plane and instructor.

It has been our goal to establish a simulator training capability at the Camarillo Airport serving all pilots in the Ventura, Camarillo, Santa Paula, Santa Barbara and northern Los Angeles area and we look forward to sharing this excellent flight simulator with you.


"When Michael first suggested a recurrency lesson using a flight simulator, I was a skeptical. How could a simulator be better than actual “stick time” in the airplane? You can call me a former skeptic.

Although the lesson was originally scheduled to be a “hybrid” lesson, starting in the simulator and ending in the airplane, I was so impressed by the realism of the simulator that I quickly realized that I was gaining a lot more experience on the ground than I would be up in the sky. Michael was able to very quickly challenge me with tough IFR missions. The physiological reactions I experienced with each simulated approach were no different than I would have had in the airplane. The best part is that Michael could challenge me with the most difficult approaches, one right after the other. In my entire experience training for my instrument rating, I got to shoot one approach down to minimums. In one short lesson in the simulator I was able to do multiple approaches to minimums. There is simply no way to get the same type of training in an airplane as you can in a simulator.

If you haven't been in a simulator, or even if you have been in one in the past, but haven't experienced that latest incarnation, I would strongly recommend that take the simulator for a test flight. Frankly, there's a reason the airlines use simulators for training their pilots. Having now experienced simulator training myself, I understand why. The simulator can provide every GA pilot with life-like (and even beyond life-like) flying experiences that will make him a better, safer pilot".

Craig Wiblemo



Redbird Flight Simulations Winging It series visits Aviation Instruction


On Memorial Day Brittany Miculka and the Winging It series team visited Camarillo airport to record another event on the Road to Oshkosh which shares the process while Brittany experiences and unexpected event while returning to the Camarillo airport after a cross country that did not go as expected. View this episode and other in the series on YouTube at https://youtu.be/iWtjEoj8eDs. Simulation is a great tool for enhancing your skills or learning new ones. Learn for yourself.

Beechcraft BE-58 Baron now available....

Our business continues to grow and as a recognition of this growth we have added a Beechcraft BE-58 Baron, for multi-engine training, to our fleet. This emulation offers Garmin 530/430 avionics, DME, ADF, dual axis autopilot and HSI which is the same as our Beechcraft A36 Bonanza. These airplanes not only offer the Beechcraft owner a fabulous simulator training platform it can also be used by pilots that fly other low wing retractable and multi-engine aircraft.


Cyngnus connects the Redbird AATD with your favorite EFB app running on your iPad or other iOS device. It interprests the location of your simulated aircraft and passes a GPS signal to your iPad, allowing you to use any Electronic Flight Bag app in your simulation as you would in actual flight. This is a great way to integrate your iPad into your training and to elevate the usefulness of this device as part of your aviation skill set. Come by and see a demonstration.


Aviation Instruction has been selected to be an Aviation Merit Badge Counselor Boy Scouts of America Ventura County Council


Flying Skills for the Non-Pilot

This course combines ground instruction with simulator training and is designed to introduce a non-pilot to basic aircraft control concepts and will guide you throught the critical elements of managing an aircraft in the event the pilot becomes incapacitated during flight. Learn more....

Student Pilot Flying Skills Program

Begin your flight training in a flight simulator. You will learn all of the skills necessary to safely fly your training aircraft. The quiet, controlled environment of the flight simulator makes learning easy, fun and best of all you will save money. Call or e-mail today for details.

Free Introductory Flight in the Redbird Simulator

Interested in adding the flight simulator to your training options. We offer a free introductory session to give you the information that you need to understand how the Redbird Simulator can improve your skills and make your flight training dollars go further. Call Michael at 805-665-3242 to schedule a flight.



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