Doctor Ordered

Flight Instruction with Michael Phillips

"Every once in a while the perfect solution comes your way. Sometimes you know it when it is happening and other times you discover it after the fact. Regardless of when the realization occurs, the pleasure of the observation gives you a warm feeling of satisfaction and, hopefully, becomes a welcome addition to your treasure chest of memories!

Michael Phillips gifted me with a perfect solution while acting as my transition instructor/pilot for a Columbia 400 I recently purchased. His professionalism, thoroughness, confident attitude and knowledge of the airplane was evident from my first conversation with him and the initial materials he gave me. This coupled with my first flights allowed me to quickly grasp critical skills. At the end of the 2nd day, I was very surprised at how much we had accomplished with what seemed to be little stress and effort.

Scenario based training is a big part of Michael’s approach and is a huge confidence builder.The mental stimulation is so much more rewarding than the usual rote skill work offered by many instructors.

Michael proved to be just what ‘My Doctor would have ordered’. Michael was focused on my task and adaptive to change due to a variety of factors. His enthusiasm and obvious joy in his chosen vocation (fly and teach) made the entire experience a highly memorable time in my life."

Paul Herrington
Memphis, TN


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CP AviationCP Aviation is a local, family owned business offering Flight Training, specialized Emergency Maneuver Training, Scenic Flights, Aerobatic Rides, meticulous Aircraft Maintenance, in a friendly hometown atmosphere, since 1987.

We are located at the historic Santa Paula Airport (SZP) in Santa Paula, California. CP Aviation is renowned the world over for its friendly atmosphere and quality instruction. Another advantage of flight training at Santa Paula is our clear skies, which are seldom troubled for long by the intrusion of the local marine layer. 2007 marked our twentieth anniversary as CP Aviation, but a steady stream of student pilots has been passing through our doors since the 1930's.

Our Certified Flight Instructors are available throughout the week to fit your training schedule. CP Aviation is home to three Master CFI's, including Judy Phelps, 2011 National CFI of the Year. We also have Dennis Magdaleno, an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, as our Chief Pilot.

Our experienced instructors have a variety of specialized teaching skills, offering primary, instrument, and commercial instruction, training for aspiring flight instructors, tailwheel and aerobatic training seven days a week, from 8 am until dusk. CP Aviation's instructors have accumulated many thousands of hours of flight experience. They are noted for the sincere and individual attention they give each and every student, from primary training through advanced!

As a Cessna Pilot Center, we offer complete training packages of educational materials for primary training, instrument training, and commercial training. Contact at 805-525-2138 or e-mail.



 Flying with real human ATC provided by PilotEdge                     


We have partnered with PilotEdge to bring the utmost realism to your simulator training experience: you'll be online with hundreds of other aircraft and human air traffic controllers following realistic FAA procedures and phraseology. It's live, completely unscripted, with controllers responding to you over voice, just like the real thing. You can practice VFR or IFR flight, copying clearances and amendments, airspace transitions, non-precision approaches, or anything else you like, and after your flight, and even review the audio of both you and the controllers, see your flight ground track vs. your filed flight plan.                                                   


  • SAFE
  • Master Instructor
  • FAAST-FAA Safety Team
  • Gold Seal CFI
  • ABS Flight Instructor Academy