Flight Instructor Michael Phillips

CHIEF Flight Instructor
& Center Manager

Flight Instruction with Michael Phillips

Certifications and Ratings

  • Master Instructor
  • FAA Gold Seal Instructor
  • ASEL
  • AMEL
  • Commercial Glider
  • CFII
  • Instrument Ground Instructor
  • Certified Columbia 400 Instructor
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Much has been written and discussed about the quality and cost of flight instruction. As an Aviation Educator it is my number one goal to mentor and coach pilots to the highest level of aviation skill, safety and decision making possible.

Learning to fly, adding additional ratings, maintaining and elevating skills and preparing ourselves for unforeseen emergencies requires a significant commitment of time, energy and money. It is for these very reasons that we decided to offer general aviation pilots in the Ventura, Santa Barbara and Northern Los Angeles county area an affordable way to explore, achieve and maintain their flying skills and improve their decision making and safety in less time and at a lower financial commitment than ever before.

Based on my years of experience, both in the classroom and the airplane, it was absolutely clear that personalized training that includes flight simulation was the most effective way to achieve my goals as a teacher and to make it possible for others to meet their goals whether an aspiring pilot or seasoned aviator.

Redbird Flight Simulations has developed a line of simulators that allowed us to make an investment in an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) that when combined with the best training materials and highly experienced personalized attention met all of our goals for offering the best possible training environment that is both affordable and loaded with value.

Whether you are flying a legacy panel or the latest in glass cockpits we invite you to visit our Simulator Training Center and let us show you why flight simulation should be a part of your regular flying routine.


  • SAFE
  • Master Instructor
  • FAAST-FAA Safety Team
  • Gold Seal CFI
  • ABS Flight Instructor Academy